Craving Cancun

In February of 2015, I had the great privilege of journeying to Mexico for my sister’s wedding. While her actual wedding took place in the Riviera Maya, my immediate family stayed in Cancun. Now, let me remind you that I am from New Jersey, and therefore in the middle of February, it is in the middle of winter (AKA very cold). The tropical temperature of Mexico was a breath of fresh air and seemed like paradise.

I only stayed in Cancun for a long weekend, as I was still in high school and my parents didn’t want me missing too many days. Even though this was the case, the trip was so worth it. From the hotel, you could see almost the entire peninsula by looking to your left and right. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time on my trip to do many touristy things, but I did get to explore the area. Everywhere in Cancun is beautiful and vibrant. The main shopping area, La Isla Shopping Village, is huge and has anything you could possibly want. My family ate a fabulous dinner of authentic tacos where the tortillas were made in front of us. The restaurant was right on the water and we had a great view of people with water jet packs on the ocean, kind of like a dinner and a show. Once that was over, we went shopping around the village and scored some great souvenirs to bring back home and give as gifts.

Overall, my trip to Cancun was honestly too short. The temperature was only one part of the reason I would love to go back. If you are looking for a vacation you could enjoy with your family or even on a romantic getaway (like my sister and brother-in-law), Cancun, Mexico is the place for you. It has the beach, biking trails, shopping villages, amazing restaurants, clubs and bars, and some of the nicest people I have ever met.

The only thing I warn you about is that they say to stay away from their water as it is connected to stomach illnesses. Now, I didn’t have a problem and I don’t think you will if you stay in a resort, but it is always better safe than sorry. That is why I drank only bottled water (when I wasn’t drinking at the bar). If you follow in my footsteps, you will be absolutely fine. So go enjoy some beach weather and tacos in Mexico!


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