North Carolina Bound

North Carolina has a little bit of everything, and I’d be happy to visit again. I’ve had the pleasure of going there on numerous occasions and seen the different places it has to offer. You don’t only have to go to North Carolina for the beach! Yes, it is beautiful and yes, the water is amazing, but the inner cities within the state are just as beautiful and amazing, and that is what I will be focusing on today.

Asheville and Charlotte, two of the most different but equally great to visit in their own way.

I’ve heard that Asheville is the Boulder of North Carolina, and if anyone has ever been to Colorado, that is no light compliment. It’s a city full of art, music, small shops and restaurants, perfect for those people looking for a place to walk around leisurely for hours.

Asheville is not the only fun place to go. Charlotte, NC is another exciting and bustling city, perfect for the people like me who have lived near and loved the city all their life. It was perfect for my brother and dad because the NASCAR Hall of Fame resides there, so I became a NASCAR fan for the day too. But even though the city is great for a day or two, my family is originally from the country, so of course we found an off-beaten ranch to ride some horses.

This must have been my favorite part. I hadn’t been on a horse for years and neither had my family, but something about saddling up and going out onto fields, woods, and sides of mountains (yes, you read correctly) was awe-inspiring. It made me realize I love the city, but I have a new appreciation for the country. The things I saw in North Carolina were things I never pictured that state to have. I had always associated it with the beach, as most out-of-state vacationers probably do. But if you ever get the chance to visit inner-North Carolina, please do. It had art shops for my mom, NASCAR for my dad, boat rentals on Lake Norman for my brother, and the city (and country) for me.


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