Don’t Underestimate the Jersey Shore

Pier Village. Doesn’t it just sound beautiful?

I discovered the beauty of this beach and boardwalk in Long Branch two years ago when I began to attend Monmouth University. It quickly became the place to be as my friends and I went there day and night to walk around and visit the shops and restaurants. Once I joined my sorority, I realized just how popular the Pier Village area really is. Playa Bowls quickly became a huge part of my life, as well as the Corner Cafe and Molly and Zoey. These small businesses make Pier Village what it is and they attract the college students who live around there to come and enjoy their products. It is almost as if us college kids feel like we discovered these places and therefore take a lot of pride in going.

The places in Pier Village are not the only things that make it what it is. The beach itself is amazing and it attracts a huge crowd during the summer months. The one annoying part about this area is the parking. It is near impossible to get a parking spot in Pier Village itself on a weekend during the prime months. The place is so crowded which is great for business but awful for the people who want to enjoy the beach but cannot because they can’t find a spot.

If you decide to go to Pier Village during the week, you will have a much easier time finding parking. That is the only time I will go nowadays because I learned my lesson the first time. Parking is one thing that the town of Long Branch needs to address in order to get more business, but other than that, the beach and area is so worth it. The beauty is amazing and you would never guess you were in the stereotypical Jersey Shore. Overall, I highly recommend going to this beach and discovering for yourself the high quality that it offers.


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