What to Pack in Your Carry-on

The perfect carry-on is difficult to pack but not impossible. There are many sites you can go that supply a check list of items that people should not forget to pack, but have you discovered the perfect carry-on bag? I have and its called the O.M.G. bag from Lo & Sons. Check this out.

It has a pocket for everything you could ever need. It includes sections for your laptop, your tablet, extra shoes, phone, make up, wallet, passport, and more. Instead of lumping all of your belongings into one or two pockets which creates havoc and could lead to losing things, this bag has a place for anything you may need which allows for easy access and makes it possible to remember where everything is.

So now that we picked the perfect bag, what do we need to pack? I like to create a list before I begin so I have everything written down. This way, it is easier to spot if I am missing something because everything is right in front of me. Let’s say you are traveling internationally, what do you need for the traveling process?

In my carry-on, I will pack my passport, plane tickets, wallet, phone, laptop (if needed), head phones, tissues, an extra shirt, my make up bag, and a snack or two. The first few items are obvious, but the last few may not be considered for a few of you. I bring an extra shirt because you can never be sure of the temperature that the plane will be compared to the temperature outside. Also, lets say you are traveling in the winter from New Jersey to the Bahamas. You will probably not want to wear the same shirt that you put on in Jersey while in the much hotter Bahamas weather. Bringing snacks is also a necessity because if you are someone who is not thrilled by airplane food (like me) or you are on an airline does not provide complimentary food, you do not want to be starving for the entire trip. By picking up a bag of chips or piece of fruit, you are taking a step to making yourself more comfortable on the trip.

Overall, everyone has different items that they find necessary while flying. Aside from the obvious, there are a few things we can bring in our bags to make our trip more enjoyable. It is up to us to remember them!


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