Plans for the Upcoming Year

I am lucky enough to have a family that brings me on amazing trips almost every year and I cannot thank them enough for it. This year, the fam is venturing to Marco Island, Florida. I haven’t been to Florida since I went to Disney as a kid, so it’ll kind of be an entirely new experience for me. My parents have been thinking about moving down there after they retire so the trip is really half vacation/ half location hunting.

My mom is the planner of the group, so she rented a beautiful house along the canal to stay in for the week. It includes an enclosed pool, fishing access, and a bedroom for each of us. My family is funny when it comes to vacations because we all have different preferences. I am happy with going to the beach and relaxing for a week. My brother likes the country and open roads, so a road trip is his cup of tea. My dad can never stop moving, so any kind of place with a lot to do and see is perfect for him. My mom is the mediator, so she tries her hardest to make everyone happy. Last year we went to North Carolina (as previously mentioned) and that trip was more for my brother and dad. This year is more for me, because we’ll be by the beach and have a pool and will be able to hang out as a family.

This trip was planned awhile ago, but I just found out that I will probably be going on another one in the winter. My sister lives in California with her husband and she just broke the news that she is pregnant! I’ve never been to California and every time I asked to visit my dad said we will go when we have a reason to go. Well, a new nephew for me (and a grandson for him) is a perfect reason! So we will probably be going to visit sometime between September and December to see the new addition to the family. Sounds pretty awesome to me because not only do I get to travel more, I get to do it for an amazing reason. I can’t wait!!!!


New York State of Mind

For those of us who live close to the Big Apple, going to NYC is a perfect day trip idea. For those people who may not live so close to the city, you can make an entire vacation around it. New York City has quite the reputation, being known as the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, and simply the best city in the world. In my opinion, it holds up to that pressure. There are endless possibilities and places to go, including entertainment, art, restaurants, and activities. If you are interested in theater, Broadway is the place for you. Food addict? Check out the streets filled with options ranging from street food to fancy restaurants with waits even Taylor Swift herself couldn’t maneuver around.

For those people going to the city, I would like to share a few possibilities available. Firstly, always remember that it is O.K. to be a tourist once in a while. Go to the Empire State Building. Go to the Statue of Liberty (which is technically in New Jersey). But with that said, also try to check out some underground places. New York City has a ridiculous amount of small cafes, museums, and other activities that may not be known to many people because they are simply not looking for them. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do some research first. You’ll be surprised by the amount of interesting places to go that you would’ve never known were there.

I’m lucky because my (half) sister lived in Manhattan for the majority of my life and then moved to Brooklyn for a year before moving to California a few months ago. Due to this, I was able to go to the city every once in a while to hang outand see the local spots that my parents would have otherwise missed. I’ve been to amazing Chinese, Mexican, and coastal restaurants that many people probably walk right passed without noticing. Now that she moved to a new state completely, I will probably take up the responsibility of finding these places once I move to the city.

If you’re someone like me who lives close to the city and is looking for a few ideas that you could do, be sure to check out tickets for Broadway (or off-Broadway) plays. I recently saw Aladdin on Broadway and was amazed at the talented cast, the extraordinary sets, and the unbelievable musical performances. I’m a sucker for Disney so I may be a bit biased, but ever since I saw that play I have been looking for more and more opportunities to see more. I went to the city in the first place with my school because they had a discounted bus trip available. I planned to go with a bunch of my friends and took the opportunity to walk around the city and see as much as I could. (Check out the photo attached of the friends I went with) The reason I bring this up is because simple opportunities that may go unnoticed could be the greatest possibilities. So keep an eye out for those flyers or emails that you just pass by or automatically click past because you think it is unimportant. They could lead to your best memories.

Discovering Disney

What does Walt Disney World not have? Now, I won’t pretend that I’ve been to Disney any time recently, but my love for the place is enough for me to write about it. Rides, museums, exhibits, characters, parks, and more. There is no one that could go to Disney and not be happy, which explains their logo. It’s for all ages and satisfies all, no matter the personality. (OK fine, maybe the pessimistic people)

In regard to the college-aged people like me, it is still our time to enjoy all that Disney World has to offer! If you do not like the movies or think you’re too old for the Mickey- faced waffles, then fine. But tell me you don’t enjoy going on rides or the idea of drinking around the world with your friends. My friends have made plans to visit Disney solely to do what newly 21 year olds do best, drink everywhere they can.

Not only does Disney offer kids in their twenties practically a full world, it also offers an environment to enjoy your childhood again and remember how it felt to watch your favorite movies and even meet those characters you cherished so dearly. It allows for us to eat a meal with our favorite princesses and explore the settings that our favorite movies took place in. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty great place to visit.